Calling all Twin moms!


Hey Ladies! Looking for advice from any twin moms out there. I'm almost 20 weeks with boy/girl di di twins. Saw my doc yesterday and asked about delivery. IF both babies are head down, I can try for a vaginal delivery. The risks are that the second baby can flip once the first is out, possibly necessitating an emergency c-section. It's also possible to have cord or placenta issues with delivery of twins. OR I can opt for an automatic cesarean. I previously worked in labor and delivery as a nurse but being the pregnant one is a completely different ballgame! Research does indicate that a cesarean may be the slighter safer option for the babies, especially for Baby B. Any twin moms out there.. what did you decide, how did it go, were you happy with your decision, would you have changed anything knowing what you know now? Thanks in advance! ❤