Pregnancy symptoms?HELP!!


My symptoms include

•milky discharge



•back acne

•pee more often

•craving French fries

•tired all the time

•lost headaches here and there

•sprite taste nasty to me now and root beer

•lost 5 pounds and can’t gain it back (has NEVER happened before. I’ve been the same weight for years nor am I trying to lose weight)

•I’ve got the urge to pee but can’t pee all the way or empty bladder fully (already went to doctor to rule out uti and anything close to it.)

•I get lightheaded every now and again and I drink plenty of water.


•more gassy

•hot flashes but they don’t last long.

• my taste in music has also changed

•tender breasts

I just don’t know what else it could be. I need help my period comes in two days.

And I haven’t had my normal symptoms for it. These are different and it all started weeks ago.