Baby never dropped

Laura • boymom to sebastian age 2, remy born aug 2020

Sebastian George was born Thursday, April 26 at 5:43am at 8lb 4oz and 21” long.

I went into early labor Monday night at 10:30pm. By Tuesday morning the contractions weren’t getting any more regular and the discomfort was quite tolerable. I went to my OB to get checked and I was 2cm but the head was “wayyyy up there”. She said within 24hrs we would be parents!

I went to the hospital for a non-stress test and all was golden, so I went home to labor away.

Tuesday came and went.

Wednesday night was approaching and I still didnt have regular contractions. Sometimes 5min apart, sometimes 15. The more I walked, the more they slowed down. I was getting tired!

My OB closes their phones at 4:30 and my FAVORITE doctor was on call at the hospital for Wednesday-Thursday. I was on a mission to have her deliver my baby!

So I went to the hospital expecting to be sent home at 5pm Wednesday, but they let me labor there for a bit to see. I worked that birthing ball like it was my job and by 7pm I was 4cm!

They hooked me up to an IV and by 9 I wanted to relax so I called for the epidural and just wow was that the best decision ever! Pain went away, I slept for a bit and all was right with the world.

Then, it wore off! I was always able to move my legs and toes etc w the epidural, but then I started to itch and tingle like crazy. And the contractions were getting serious! But I was only 9cm. They laid the peanut shaped birthing ball between my legs and OMG the pressure got HEAVY!

I told my husband the baby is coming. My body was pushing without me helping. No one but us was in the room! He got the nurse and she said his head is wayyyyy up there, how about a practice push...

and just like that, Im crowning! The nurse presses the alarm and in comes my favorite doctor! She suits up, sits down, I push with one contraction and boom, baby is born!

Pushing is like the most primal thing Ive ever experienced! But I also want to say it was my favorite part!

Bash is now 2 1/2wks old and my whole life! Were so blessed to have such a happy, sweet baby!