Paying board STRESS

So I’m 19 and 21 weeks pregnant my mum has owed me this money for years she pays some back but then borrows it again she owes me £440 that’s $593 and I haven’t being having ago at her to pay me back she said she will so I guess I’ll just wait but today she was like okay so you gotta start paying board and I said i will pay board when you pay me the money you owe me she’s on benefits so it will take her a while to pay me back so I said we can talk about an instalment plan and she literally started screaming in my face how messed up I am how she has no job and how is she meant to pay me back and I’m selfish ... don’t think it’s selfish for wanting money she owes me and has done for ages! And btw this money is from my birthdays and Christmass as a child this started round about being 15 and she’s on benefits she can pay me back if she saves money I just want the money before my son is here why is that so wrong and once I’m payed back the money I’ll pay board but currently I’m on benefits barley have any money and I want my own money back for savings also my dad owes me 230 but I doubt I’ll ever get that back AM I WRONG FOR WANTING MY OWN MONEY 😭😭

My mum hasn’t provided for me growing up my grandma has money wise so i don’t just owe her this money because she brought me up because she barley did that