VBAC anyone? VBAC = Vaginal Birth After Csection


This is my second pregnancy. My daughter was born 8 years ago via csection. I was past due by 1 day and opted to get induced because I wanted to hold my beautiful baby girl. I only made it to 3 cm and the she went into fetal distress ( she was my ready for the world just yet) with this baby I want that experience, the full experience! I want my water to break on it's own I want to go into labor naturally, I want to push. Has anyone ever attempted to have a VBAC or had a VBAC or is planning on having one! Please let me know your plan or experience. I'm aware of the risk and have done years of research and I'm willing to take those risk. I have full faith in my doctor and my body. I wanna hear yall experiences or thoughts.