Boyfriends mum


*LONG STORY* Me and my boyfriend have been together 3 years. We have a 1 year old daughter and another daughter on the way in August. Anyway his side of the family I really don't like. When I first met them they said hi and then completely ignored me the rest of the night. His mother had nothing nice to say about me when I did nothing wrong to her ( I'm a very shy person and hardly talk to anyone I don't really know) she kept saying how controlling I was and that he should pack his things and go back to her house ( we live together). As soon as she found out I was pregnant she was the nicest person to me. Stopped ignoring me when I came to her house until it came to my 20 week and I was about to find out what I was having. My and my boyfriend agreed if it was a girl she would be called Lilly if it was a boy John ( the name is important to me because it's my dad's and I'm really close to him) once she found that out she got really pissed off and said to him that I'm making all the decisions throughout this whole pregnancy even though my boyfriend was fine with the names we had picked. This made me so upset and I didn't want to see her so my boyfriend texted her to tell her that she upset me and that she should stay away from me until I was ready to talk to her again. The argument was a waste because I ended up having a girl. Things were okay up until I was about to get induced and she insisted she would be in the delivery room with me when I already told her it was my mum and boyfriend. Again she got pissed so then she started messaging my mum in an aggressive way and started texting my boyfriend and phoning him through my whole labour.

So then after Lilly was born everything was fine. We used to go up see her with the baby every week and every time we were there she used to control everything! When I'd come into the house and try to take the baby out she barged in and do it. Try and tell us what to do when it came to Lilly. Kept on telling me how she was to keep the baby overnight when she was just a newborn ( I was a first time mother I didn't want to leave her with anyone even my own mother). She would text my boyfriend to bring Lilly up to see her without me but he didn't want to take her without me and whenever he would tell her that he would ask me she would reply "don't ask just tell her" Even though he was nervous about taking her himself. So on Valentines Day last year my boyfriend was taking me out for a nice meal. He had been working all day and thought he'd take me out. But then he got a message from his mother saying that she needed money from him and she needed it now! So he left it because he was working. And then she kept phoning and phoning him but he was working so he couldn't answer and then when he went on his break there was a text from her saying "you ignore my messages or calls *bf name* and I'll come right round to your work and embarrass you answer it now. So just to stop her from moaning at him he just went to the bank and gave her money. So then he came home and said he was sick and tired of the way she treats him and how until she changes her attitude towards him she's not to see Lilly. So I said if that's what you want to do I'll support your decision whatever it is. So the next day he went to her house and told her he is sick and tired of the way she treats him and until she changes her attitude towards her she's not to see the baby, this was February last year fast forward to June we heard nothing from her until she texted me saying that I didn't like her so i told her straight I don't like her because of the way she treated my bf and the way she was with me. So then she really started to get horrible when texting me. Accusing my little brother of sending photos to her daughter. ( he wasn't I spoke to her daughter and she didn't know what she was talking about) she also said that he was her son and she could speak to him whatever way she liked. So I told her what he said to me which was he only shows people respect when other people show him it! She didn't like that so I ended up blocking her number and blocking her on messenger. I haven't heard from her since. Until I got pregnant and she found out and wanted to sort everything out because she wanted to see this baby. What about your other grandchild? But now that my boyfriends brothers gf is pregnant I don't think she's interested. Also me and my bf had a baby gender and now they are having a gender reveal and how she put on Facebook that it was "family only" My boyfriend didn't know about it and his relationship with his brother is fine. She's totally poisoned his family against us. His dad's sister put on Facebook how my family have brainwashed him and when he stood up for himself she said something so F**cking horrible! She said *off he fuck cancer!!* basically calling him that!! she's an absolute horrible evil person! Spending too much time with his mother!! Once he saw that he said he's glad that him and our daughters are away from that! I feel bad for him because he's got younger siblings who have done nothing wrong and he used to have a good relationship with his dad but he's sided with the mother even though we told him that we havent stopped him from seeing her. He tells me that " they try and hurt us because they don't like the fact that we are happier than them" which he's admitted that ever since he left he's been so much happier and I can see it too. He's an amazing dad and boyfriend and would do anything for us 💜💜