Is my mom crazy or is it just me?

Sooo. Let me start off with saying when I had got a job in December of ‘17 I had got a joint bank account with my mom so I could have my paychecks direct deposited into my account. I had been trying to get my username and password set up so I could start online banking. I had tried and tried and tried and nothing worked. My mom had access to everything, she could take money out of my account put money in and I would never know because I didn’t really have my own personal access to it. So I soon quit that job and I recently got a new one, my parents are separated for many reasons & this being one of them. He had helped me set up a new account and I had got my card and set up my online banking with that card and I somehow had access to it so easily? I feel like my mom messed with my passwords and stuff the first time so I didn’t have access to the one I had with her. So today I had almost let it slip that I had a card at my dads bank because I had ordered some makeup wipes off of hush. And she said how did you order them and I said my bank card and she said have you been using premier (the bank we used) and I said well yeah I said I think i deposited a check in there (which I knew I didn’t) and then she forreal started looking through my bank stuff ON HER PHONE! And I said well I must’ve just used my points I can’t really remember. And that was that then she tried logging into my iCloud why she doesn’t have her own I will never know. I changed the password and didn’t tell her what it was. Not going to say what the actual password is because I have no clue if she even knows about this app because I’ve talked about it before. She’s been trying to change the password and she needed the last password that was ever used and I have no clue what that may be. Why can’t she just have her own personal stuff and I have mine? I’m almost 19 years old. ☹️

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