Regret choice?


Hey guys, thanks in advance ❤️

I’ve had this problem for at least two days now and it’s starting to worry me more so. Recently my mother and I had a fight about my boyfriend’s family (a lot of half children + divorces etc) and himself (career paths + being more initiative in life etc). Ever since that “big” argument she has made me cry because she said to break up however she later admitted that was heat of the moment and she’s sorry and that she’s worried for me and my future.

Later I realised subconsciously that this has affected in thinking of “finding the better man?”. Even though I love him and he loves and the fact we would want to marry each other and stay with each for eternity etc. A part now questions it my “real” thoughts on this do I really love him? What makes a good relationship? For things to work out there must be effort, love, trust, communication but yet also balance and equality. Yet in the end I feel like I don’t love him as much... but I feel like

it’s because I’m thinking too much (thinking too much often makes me depressed) + taking the pill + periods emotions + family traditional values etc.

I’ve talk to him about it today, he said for now he’s not too worried as it’s been at least days but still worried that I’m having these thought and would put “negative” actions on this relationship because my thoughts/my family more so my dad.

What should I do? Should i take my head out of my ass or x?