Mommy’s HELP ME produce more milk....Please Read!


So I need any and all advice on how to produce more breastmilk.....a little background I have been making an adequate amount of breastmilk since my milk came in (I donated 80oz in the first 2 weeks). My daughter is 9 weeks old. She eats every 2 hours during the day and has started sleeping about 5 hours at night and we wake up and nurse and back to sleep for another 4 hours then we nurse again. That’s the longest we go in between feedings is through the night about 5 hours being the longest stretch. She is EBF and tonight after she ate on one side and fell back asleep I pumped the other side and only got I’m extremely worried that she isn’t getting enough. When I put her down to sleep tonight which we usually have zero problems with she was extremely fussy like she was still hungry. So I gave her a 2oz bottle of breastmilk and she slept her normal 5 hours (this was after feeding her on both sides). I breastfeed every 2 hours during the day and on demand. I pump during the nights since she isn’t eating as often. I drink a lot of water I try to eat as much as I can during the day and I drink Mother’s milk tea 3x a day......I’ve also tried oatmeal almost every morning for the past 8 weeks. Please help me. I’m getting really concerned as my pumped supply has tremendously dropped and now my daughter is acting as if she isn’t getting enough. I have just noticed a change in the past 2 days and this picture was taken over a week ago. 👇🏼

I LOVE BREASTFEEDING and have enjoyed it so much.

She is gaining weight and we do have wet diapers so I know your going to say she is getting what she needs but she has seemed unsatisfied lately and I would like to keep producing more so I can keep suppling my stash of pumped milk and would like my LO to be satisfied after eating. I also offer both sides during the day hoping it boosts my supply. Please Help!