HCG rising but Low progesterone


Hi Ladies,

I’m hoping to see what your experiences were/are and if there were any positive outcomes with use of progesterone pills or suppositories. So here’s my story, I went to my OB when I was 4w1d and got my pregnancy confirmed and my blood drawn and an U/S. The U/S showed a reaction to pregnancy which was expected at that stage. Fast forward to Monday (a week later) I had a second appointment where we discussed my result and did another U/S this is at 5 weeks pregnant. My OB saw a gestational sac which he said was perfect for 5 weeks and told me my hcg and progesterone levels at 4w1 was 129 and 9.8. I had my blood drawn again and got my results yesterday, my hcg is now 1553 and my progesterone dropped to 6.9. He put me on progesterone pills until my pharmacy stocks up on the suppositories. Has anyone had success with the pills or suppositories and gone on to have a successful pregnancy?