Starting to worry! Infertility?!

Okay so, my partner and I have been ttc for nearly a year now. Now we haven’t been charting or purposely having sex in my fertile period but we generally have sex every day. We just agreed if it happens then it happens. I came off the pill in July last year. And there’s been nothing. Three months after I came off the pill my periods went weird and I had excruciating pain! and they haven’t been the same since. They’re gooey and stringy and bright red for 6 days. I used to get clots and it would go brown for the last couple days and would last 4-5 days. Now the consistency is stringy and it slides past the tampon! And when it drops into the loo it wouldn’t mix with the water it would just sit at the bottom. TMI sorry.

My doctor sent me for scans for endometriosis and for a general check up and everything seems fine.

Last month my doctor told me I have low iron and to take 200mg a day. So I have been and this period has been slightly better (it’s not as gooey) and there are clots. So would this explain infertility?

Extra info:

I was taking ovulation tests around 6 months ago for 2 months and they were coming back positive.

My diet isn’t the best, I could eat better, could that be a reason? I don’t get a lot of exercise but I am not sat at a desk all day I’m moving around.

My partner doesn’t get much sleep as he has two jobs. His diet isn’t great but we still have fruit and veg.

My partner has a 10 year old so I think his sperm are fine but not sure.

I don’t get ewcm but my mum said she never did either. I’ve had it once (after taking evening primrose oil)

Im worried I have a hormone imbalance!

Just need advice! Did anyone take supplements like herbal stuff? I’ve heard vitex is good?