So I went to my doctors today, you know the first thing you do is pee in a cup right. The nurse goes your test came out negative so why are you here, I said really well I took a test yesterday morning and it was positive, she said maybe it was expired. I pulled out 4 test from my purse that all said positive two from last week and two from this week. She looked at me confused and started talking to another nurse, then the other nurse looks down and says we'll it's starting to show a little and they continued to talk as they was talking another nurse comes in and says that's positive now it just took some time. I'm like I know I ain't going crazy cause I'm looking like a fool right now. Mind you the computers are down and I have no records of my last visit which was the 21st of May and it was negative so all my HCG levels were gone from the miscarriage. So I get in the room, doctor comes in and says what did I tell you the last time and we was like not to have sex but we didn't since the last time you yelled at us. So the nurse did a vaginal ultrasound and didn't find anything in my uterus. He then sends us to the lab for some blood work to check my levels. The doctor comes towards the room excited holding the sono and say to my SO it looks like she might be, look at the ovaries she ovulated from the left and look at the uterine lining it's thick. I hope this one doesn't end in miscarriage. So the nurse says, I never seen this, I heard of it but never seen it happen so soon after a miscarriage, I can't wait for the blood test to come back. I was spotting for 6 days so I was afraid it was another chemical. We are just crossing are fingers. The nurse and doctor has been there since the beginning and are excited to see this through if so it would be a miracle. ( the reason why he wanted us to wait 6 weeks to have sex was to allow my uterus to heal from the miscarriage and prevent infection, he wanted us to wait six months to try and I agreed it was best but it maybe probably happened sooner) I honestly didn't think I was going to ovulate so soon.