Rainbow Baby Anatomy Scan πŸ’™


*Long post, sorry*

Yesterday was our anatomy scan and honestly, I was terrified. This is our rainbow baby, and it was at our anatomy scan during our first pregnancy that we got the horrible news that our first son, Zachary, had Trisomy 18 and wasn't going to make it. I had horrible anxiety all day until the scan. I loved watching baby Maverick move on the screen. I kept watching all the measurements (he's measuring a week ahead in most places), looking at all the places that Zak had abnormalities at and making sure Maverick didn't have them also. The best feeling was when the head ultrasound doctor DIDN'T come talk to us. I legitimately cried and did a happy dance. Monday we'll get the full anatomy report, but I'll take the doctor not coming to talk to us right away and send us up to FAU as a good sign. 🌈