Could I really be pregnant..?


I recently started taking birth control. At the beginning of my last period I took it and it made that period one heck of a lot easier. No cramps. Barely any blood. It was great. So I’m taking the BC and I started to get really anxious a lot and really painful acne and back pain about 3 weeks in. Last week my then boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, between me being on bc and him pulling out I was certain no I wouldn’t get pregnant. But I stopped taking the bc after he and I mutually broke up because the bc was actually making me crazy and he’s about to go off to college. So I stopped taking the bc on sunday because I was having crazy side effects. My mom says they are normal for stopping a bc tho. But yesterday I actually started my period. Is really light but seems to be made up of really old blood and like. Mucus. It’s gross. Lots of cramps and craving chocolate tho. Just like any normal period. As well as not wanting to eat much. But what if rhe nausea I’m feeling is my period but pregnancy? I’m only 18 and I just got done with high school exams I can’t be pregnant now! Does this sound like pregnancy to anyone?