Already have a name picked & told people but wanting to change it


We have our little girls name picked and have told people. Her name we thought was Lyla Jane. Jane is my grandmothers name. Now I felt A LOT of pressure to name her after my grandma. Originally I told my sister middle names and Jane was not included and she said “no family names”. Well, we went with Jane. Now we had a miscarriage April 2015 (would have been our first) and we lovingly called this baby Jordyn. The more and more I think about it, the more I think Lyla Jordyn would be perfect. I want to use Jordyn so bad with one of our kids and my son is 2 and already named (duh) and we may not have anymore so now I’m going back and forth and keep second guessing the name. What do people think? Her name has been posted on Facebook and is in her baby book and everything 🙈 and if I do change it, do I tell people or say something or just when she’s born, be like “this is Lyla Jordyn”