Almost there!


I had my first son at 36weeks and 6 days . He spent a little while in the Nicu he’s now super funny smart and 3 years old !

We lost a child Aug.2016 at 11 weeks ,

Currently I am 36 weeks with our 🌈 baby girl !! Here’s to hoping she stays put for another week or even two would be unreal! Been to hospital 6 x for contractions 4 of which they gave me medicine to stop them (other two were too close together) I am now 2 cm dilated!! Having to be scheduled for a csection as she is breach 😐 my first son was all natural vaginally so I am deff nervous! Especially about the recovery with my three year old I feel bad already not being able to play with him as much .

All will be worth it though , feeling so blessed 🙌🏼🌈❤️