Help!!!! 10 week ultrasound ???

Leasha • Baby Arrigo, due January 2nd 2019 ♥️

Totally disappointed went to my first appointment with midwifes, they said lets listen to the heart beat. I said okay but ive done that at home, I have a doppler. I havent seen my babe since 5 weeks (hospital ultrasound while i was there for dehydration) she said they normally don’t do them till 20 weeks which I know is BS.

Anyways, I told her how disappointed i was because i was so set on seeing the lil bean today, she said well fine but our machines here suck anyways... so she did an ultrasound for 1 minute, I could hardly even see the screen. Let me take a picture and that was it. She didnt say one word, I dont even know what im looking at, none of any ultrasound pics ive seen look like mine. Do you think something is wrong?