Uhhh ????

So yesterday my boyfriend fingered me really hard which was a great idea in the moment except after he took his fingers out, there was blood all over his hands. I’m supposed to get my period today or tomorrow, but yesterday, there was a lot of blood after he fingered me and i needed a pad. It was painful to urinate, kind of like he cut me. Today, there’s little to nothing. I’m waiting on tomorrow, but I’m not sure and I’m a little worried.

I am on the pill and take it within a 30 min increment and have been on it since November. I have consistently gotten my period while on the pill on either a Wednesday or Thursday of the placebo week. My boyfriend and I usually do not use a condom since we find it difficult to fit it on him since he is uncircumcised and he’s pretty thicc. He cums in me about 70% of the time, and I haven’t gotten pregnant since.

Before we had sex and he fingered me yesterday, I already had some mild cramps. Today, it is not as painful but there is a slight few cramps but I don’t know if it’s mental or actually happening.

Could I possibly be pregnant? Why did I bleed so much?