Love v.s Lust

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The mass majority of men and women today don't see all of a person's accomplishments, smarts, kindness, and moral compass as important and won't even consider them of any worth without the "sex test." I for one won't have sex before marriage, so most men won't have anything to do with me, and women think I'm crazy as well. In fact I'm considered an idiot because I'd marry a good man without trying him in bed first!?!? I get that sex is important, but it should NEVER

be that important that you'd give up a complete perfect person because u can't try em out first!?!?! How freaking superficial can people be?!?!?

I think sex is a physical result of two people in love with each other. But LOVE goes beyond the physical and will outlast all. Love is in the little things and in sacrifices, trust, hope, etc.

I think sex would be great no matter what when its with someone you love. Plus, if God is leading you to the right person, He won't stick you with someone you wouldn't be completely satisfied with. I mean even God says that the marriage bed is beautiful and undefiled. He gives us a warning that we should love each other's bodies as our own and not to deny each other, unless we agree together that it be for a time of fasting and prayer.