vitamin b6 causing nausea?


I'd been taking B6 to help with morning sickness, it wasn't really helping and I noticed I often woke up feeling fine, but then started feeling bad after taking the vitamins in the morning. So I've switched to taking my prenatal in the evening instead of the morning which helped a little but I noticed I'm still feeling bad shortly after taking vitamins in the morning (just b6). After looking up side effects of vitamin B6, I noticed that nausea is one of the side effects that some people have! Is there any pregnancy benefit to vitamin b6 other than it helping some people with morning sickness? I'm going to call my Dr to see what she says about stopping it for a bit to see how I feel, or if it's better to reduce the dose but figured I'd ask here too.

I have not tried b6 and unisom so that's still an option, but I'd rather take less stuff than more.