Double standards?


Okay so the Dixie Chicks were a huge hit when I was younger, to young to know why they were banned from the USA. Later I found out they said something bad about the president..... so here’s my CC question....

Why would we ban the Dixie Chicks for saying something bad about the president at the time but NOT ban Ariana Grande for saying she hates the USA ? Why not ban the celebrities that spoke out against Trump? Why not ban the celebrities that spoke out against Obama???

I personally refuse to listen to ANYTHING Ariana Grande touches because of her USA comment. But is there something I’m missing that the Dixie chicks did to get them banned and ruin their careers ? Is it a different time now? Is the first amendment taken too seriously?

EDIT: I’m referring to celebrities and their careers. I worded it weirdly. The Dixie Chicks careers were ruined after their comments. That’s what I’m talking about. Heck I don’t know where they live 😂