does different symptoms result in different genders?


Anyone have totally different pregnancies and result in different genders?

This is my third and last baby. My first two children are boys, and with both of them I had severe morning sickness from 6wks-17wks. I also had bloody noses almost every day and bleeding gums every day when I brushed my teeth.

So far I'm 7 weeks and I have had no morning sickness, no bleeding gums, no bloody noses.... And even my bloating seems to be much higher than it did with my boys. I also have a totally different type of fatigue. With my boys I was physically exhausted just lifting my arms to brush my hair was hard. This time I'm just sleepy and wanting to nap.

I know it's early but the HUGE difference is making me wonder we r if gender may be playing a role?

(Also our family only has grandsons, so both sides of the family have been pressuring me to have a girl for 5 years now, and TBH I would love a little girl)