Best Sex Ever!!❤️😍😩💪🏽💪🏽

Shanice • Blessed😘

Me and my boyfriend haven’t seen each other in like a week or so bcuz we’ve been so busy with both of us working. So yesterday I went to his house but before I did that I went to the store and got myself some drinks.. I was stressed and I wanted to relax with my boyfriend. So after I got home, took a shower, and changed clothes, I went to my boyfriend’s house. So I had been drinking some before I left my house (I didn’t drink and drive) I took a lyft! But by the time I got to his house I was very much tipsy. So we talked for a little min and we went inside the house and he started playing 2k and was just so happy to be with him.. cuz I did miss him. So I decided to rest my eyes bcuz I had just gotten off work before I came to his house, so I had my eyes closed and I could feel him looking at me and then back to the game. He thought I was falling asleep. But I wasn’t. He told me to get up, mind you I’m completely comfortable but of course I got up anyways.. so we started kissing and he told me to get undressed.. he started eating my pussy, while I’m laying down on my back. Like idk if it was bcuz he missed me or bcuz he haven’t seen me in a while. But when I say my soul lifted out of my body.. like I was cumming so much that I was still shaking ..but then he abruptly stops and tells me to ride his face !! (now I am thick woman and I have always weight conscious, so certain things I have been afraid to do bcuz I don’t feel necessarily comfortable) and I instantly tell him no. Lol so he asks me again, but then time when he asks he was forceful, sexy, and I turned me on hearing him like that and he was looking at me like he was going to eat me alive !! And I didn’t answer him, so he grabs me by my throat and says I wasn’t asking you, I was telling you too 😩🤤👅💧💦 So I’m trying to come up with an excuse on not doing it, “what if you can’t breathe” lol 😂 he didn’t even care, he just wanted to eat my pussy. So I grab the bottle out my purse and took two shots 😂 I told him if I didn’t like it or if was too much for me, I would tap out 😂🙄🖕🏽 so he leads to his face and he just loses his mind, he has been begging me since we first started dating to ride his face! 😂 like omg! I can’t even describe how much I came on his face last night !

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