old catfish story

so i have no idea where to post this, but hopefully here is okay. i’m not so much worried about this, but i’m just wondering and maybe a new set of eyes will help.

so when i was a teen i was hugely into my chemical romance and my facebook and twitter was absolutely covered in band related stuff. so obviously i was in a lot of groups that were dedicated to mcr. i was about 13 when i started posting in those groups and about 16 when i quit. i am now 21.

So while i was pretty active in the groups, i also made some friends. most were teens that were obsessed with the band like i was. some, on the other hand were adults.

There was this one guy, who i believe was 25 when we started talking. i’ll call him old dude for the rest of the story. of course, like any other teenager, i thought i was mature for my age and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. most of the time we talked, it was just empty chit chat but he did often comment on how beautiful i was or how he wished he had a girlfriend like me. i didn’t think anything of it, cause at the time my self esteem was dirt low and any kind of validation i got was good in my opinion.

Now i talked to this dude for 3 years on and off. i should mention it was always him starting the chat. now during these 3 years, a bunch of other people got involved that ‘knew him’ in real life. i didn’t mind talking to them tbh, but they mostly said the same things like how i was pretty and how they liked me. i didn’t really play along or give into their need to ‘roleplay’.

so fast forward, another guy comes into play and now i know that he was a catfish. but take an insecure not so tech savvy teenager and get a cute guy to message her, ofc she’ll play along. so with this dude i actually did play along and ‘sexted’ him (no nudes tho, luckily). but one day i decided to google search his picture and voila, he was a catfish. so i cut everything off with him and demanded an explanation. drama followed and the original old guy was always involved, he told me he read the chats and how he’s hurt that i talked to him like that etc. he told me the catfish had a girlfriend, so i messaged the girlfriend with what was up and had to have the old guy confirm it was true to her. after that, she started talking to me and telling me i’m beautiful, much like the other guys.

at that point i was old enough to know better and just blocked all of the accounts and moved on. i honestly hadn’t thought about all that for so long, but the other day i received a message from the catfish, through another account. i didn’t reply, obviously, but it got me wondering if behind all of this was the old dude, who messaged me when i was young.

i should clarify that the old dude had a definitely real facebook account with multiple pictured of him and friends. one of the other accounts was also most likely real, because of the pictures and how many there were. so potentially two real people were involved? or was it still just the same one guy.

what do you guys think?

edit: so i was potentially groomed by a catfish/pedophile.... fun