ClearBlue Digital Test Question


I’ve gone back to using Clear Blue Digital OPK tests. This is my first cycle using them since January. We had a miscarriage in October and our doctor had us stop using test because it was causing a lot of anxiety. My periods have been very off. (25-38 days). My last two cycles have been 32 days.

I have been using the calendar in this app and checking my cervical mucus to plan BD. According to the calendar I ovulated on day 18 last month of a 32 day cycle.

We started BDing every other day on CD13 and I decided to start testing on a whim on CD17-it was low (solid circle). CD18 was high (flashing smile). CD19 was high (flashing smile). And then today CD20 is was back to low (circle).

Do you think I missed ovulation since I didn’t not have a peak day (solid smile)? Should I keep testing?