I’ve come a long way

Summer • Always stay humble and kind 💕 Mommy to a baby in heaven

In the picture below you will see me at 5 different ages.

Picture 1: 4

Picture 2: 8

Picture 3: 14

Picture 4: 18

And the single photo by it’s self is what I look like now at 22.

All my life I’ve had a tumor. Also known as neurofibromas. Nf1 for short. Growing up wasn’t easy with all the bullying happening. At times I was suicidal because of it. However, over time I realize everyone is born with a perfect imperfection, and my tumor happens to be mine. You can either love it or hate. I’m choosing to love it. Over the past years it’s actually shrunk ALL ON ITS OWN! No medicine either. So I’ve been blessed. Even more blessed to have found a man to love me for me and kiss my tumor and call me beautiful everyday. Happiness is out there. And if anyone of you ladies ever feel down, sad, or even thinking of suicide please don’t be scared to message me.

P.S I’m also going to be post the photo of the man who changed my world for the better!