need advice

so I went to my sister's today and came home my man was mad because I didn't fall pregnant anyway let's get to the point came home from my sister and he came out with u never want to spend time with me any more well I felt like we was always joint to the hips so I went out then when I told him I was going to my sister's to my sister he hit me and said he didn't mean it he was angry but he is angry alot he says coz he can't give me a kid ect but he done it before we even suggested trying he done it for the past 2 years I thought it mite make him stop hitting me but it's every 3 months he say I get on his nerves I act like a baby i start all the argument it's so hard to leave as he says he will kill his self i just don't no what to do and when I say I'm gunna leave him he says that it's coz he can't give me a kid ect and his family will gate Me ect I love his family to bits but they just care for him more than they think with what he is doing to me I just sometimes think maybe he can love me properly some day and it's like as if he is a drug and he is addictive Sceard to leave to as say if he can't have me no one else can it's so hard now I'm getting fed up with the bullshit