Age regression vs CGL

So I saw an angry post about CGL and I wasn’t gonna be anon but now I’m scared ppl will think I’m that person and attack me. I have no problem w the ageplay community. I’m just not apart of it because I was abused too many times while in it.

But anyway. Age regression is a non sexual coping mechanism that can help people with childhood traumas, stress, anxiety or just because it makes them happy. This is a practice where one will revert back to a child like state of mind and mostly feel as though they’re a child. So they’re mind isn’t in the place to consent to anything sexual. Although it’s similar to ageplay in the aspect that it can involve a caretaker and involves behaving in child like ways. The difference here is that there is no power exchange making it not a kink and friendly to everyone (even ppl who aren’t the AOC) many age regressors are people who have multiple personality disorder (like myself) OSDD causing them to have child alters, this can be a symptom of PTSD and disassociation. Many autistic people use this to stim as well.

Ageplay is a sub category of BDSM which is a fetish or a Kink which means: an abnormal or taboo arousal/play most things that end in “play” in BDSM signify that there’s a sexual power exchange like “petplay knifeplay waxplay breathplay” ageplaying doesn’t having to be ABDL or DDLG some ageplayers choose a more older role than and little or adult baby. But CGL is a gender neutral term (Caregiver / Little) for D(M)D/l(b)g meaning daddy or mommy DOM(ME)/ little the dom(me) there is the caregiver or the dominate making CGL automatically sexual. The caregiver take a role of caring and guiding their child-like submissive aka the little. But this is more of a role play. Some can argue that abdl doesn’t have any power exchange, although it may mean Adult Baby/ Diaper Lover the B and the D also stand for bondage and discipline which is also in

BDSM therefore grouping ABDL with ageplay and CGL making it a role playing kink.

While Ageplay isn’t always sexual it’s still a kink practice. Because there are rules and punishments. Therefore making it inherently sexual.

Age regression may involve helpful tips by their caretaker but not punishments. Caretakers and regressors see their relationship more of a parent - child or sibling kind of thing. Even if outside of that they’re in a romantic relationship the regressors head space will tend to make them think as a real child and incapable of having romantic feelings.

Little’s and their dom(mes) are aware and express their romantic relationship while in that little headspace, they still assume their romantic relationship role during the play.