check. your. child's. internet. interaction.

Do it. Don't batt an eye. Monitor your child, and step in when necessary. I wish my mother did. Unfortunately, both of my parents knew I had access to sexual my explicit sites online and I was never approached by either of them, despite me being aware that they caught me out, sometimes. When I was about 11 or so, someone on YouTube sent me private messages to porn links. It started from there, my curiosity spiraled. But all I did, was ever look at naked people. What took a dark turn, is when my step sister who was much older than me, introduced me to online web cam chats such as omegle. I first watched her undress for strangers, and she was underage. It soon became me, who was subject to online child pornography. I was pressured into it, and then it became a hobby. I then, introduced it to my friend and that spiraled too. She then showed her even littler cousin. It disgusts me to think that some twisted old freak has pictures, even videos, of me or my friend naked, online or in their personal bank. The internet is cruel and kids. are curious. I cannot stress this enough. Watch over your kids internet history and make sure they are not involved in any sexual interactions like I were. Till this day, my parents had no idea I was on Webcam sites. Don't let that be you, protect your child.