So on June 30th i went for my first prenatal visit; I was 5 weeks i went early because iv had 2 past MC. They said my HCG came back low on the blood test. I got my 1st positive june 26. So yeah i went right away. So tht day she did a pap-smear and The next day July 1 i bled heavy since the AM till about 4pm then it went to a light bleed that was day 1 days 2&3 i had nothing at all & day 4&5 i had brown spotting. Then it all stoped . my second preg. Was a chemical preg at 5 weeks but the bleeding was 10x heavier and with lots of cramps. This time its different After it all went away i still have symtoms like  head aches , soar heavy breast, really sleepy and hungry, dizzy! What could this mean ?