I have the worst anxiety and most of the time it comes out of no where. Yes, my life is super stressful right now because I have a 5 year old, I'm working and I'm in nursing school but I've always been able to manage my emotions. It's been overwhelming lately because I've been struggling to pay all my bills but I can still get out of bed everyday. I am thankful for that. Long story short I feel like this anxiety is starting to cripple me. It's affecting my relationship with my son, my relationship with my boyfriend and my personality over all. I go to class and I don't make new friends because I just don't have the energy too. I miss my out going happy self. I use to have such a positive outlook and a nothing can stop me mentality. It's slowly going away. I know that over time everything will get better but I'm afraid of who I'm going to turn into through all of this. My doctor gave me xanax for relief relief of my anxiety attacks but I hate taking them. I turn into a lifeless body when I do. I can't seem to win. I don't have much time to do activities like yoga to center my mind either... I'm not sure what I'm looking for here. Maybe some words of wisdom. Thanks for listening.