Idk what to do

I recently found out I was pregnant(7 weeks) and my boyfriend is kinda having a hard time either accepting it or he thinks I'm lying but it's like he always grills me with questions like today he was like oh where's ur birth control I thought u were taking it, if ur pregnant y are u taking itt and I'm like I threw it out ever since I found out and he was like yeah sure u did . Idk we just have been butting heads about this and idk what to do. I've shown him the ultrasound , doctors notes anything possible. He even told me I'm not the first girl to lie about being pregnant when They're not . That hurt so bad and idk what to do I'm so sad and depressed and feel like I'm going thru this alone. He never asks how I'm doing even after I told him the doctors said I would more than likely have a miscarriage because of my health condition he pretty much said he didn't want to get attached to something that was eventually going to die anyway.. I feel like I've been stabbed numerous times and my heart keeps getting hurt .. Any advice ??