Advice for dealing with anxiety

I have anxiety really bad. I recently moved back home. I'm dealing with a lot.a crazy past. I can't even type what happened to me. I'm embarrassed and ashamed even tho it want my fault. I can't talk to anyone about it or even post anonymoysly about it. I need to vent or just find an activity. Its getting really bad. Panic attacks are frequent. Crying spells. Flashbacks. Super worried about everything. Its hurting my relationship. He's the only one iv talked to. What happened happened 8 months ago and I just vented 3 months ago. I don't want to see a therapist.I did that and couldn't open up. We just talked about food. I seclude myself. I have 0 friends because I just don't want to open up. I don't trust anyone anymore. And I need something to help me.

Tips on jounraling maybe? Cheap sports?