Dream job opportunity

So I applied for my dream job before I got pregnant and never heard anything until yesterday. She left me a voicemail saying I'm very qualified for the position and she would love to have me in for an interview this week. I'm 23 weeks now, so it is not something I can hide anymore. BUT..the position is in a school district. I have a c section scheduled for November 2nd, so I would miss 2 weeks before thanks giving break, and then the two weeks between thanksgiving and Christmas break, then I could come back with everyone else after the holidays. 
Really I'm just asking for advice on how to approach this. This is honestly my dream job, something I didn't think I had a shot at anymore since it had been so long since I applied. Should I even bother scheduling an interview? I feel like nobody wants to hire someone 5 months preggo. Should I tell her I'm pregnant when I call her back to schedule the interview? Or should I just show up and hope she isn't completely irritated by my dishonestly and not being up front about it?
If you've read all of this thank you!