Wearing wedding rings to the beach/pool!!

Allie • Married for 6 years, mother to my beautiful 4 year old daughter and just had our 2nd daughter on June 2nd!
I've always wanted to be "that woman" who proudly wore her wedding rings to the pool or to the beach. You know those woman who swim, dive, layout, play with their kids, etc and doesn't give 2 cents in to whether her diamond(s) have fallen into their watery grave.... Yeah... That woman.  Every time I see a woman who wears them to the beach/pool it ALWAYS pops in my head that one of these days, she'll look down and they won't be on her fingers anymore. It doesn't matter how hard I try to be a woman with no fear of losing her rings, I usually do 1 of 3 things.  Number 1: I talk myself out of it bc I just know that day will be the day my diamonds fall out. Number 2: I wear them but never get to enjoy my day swimming bc I'm paranoid that it will fall out so instead I check it religiously to see if the diamonds are there.  {this scenario lasts 20 minutes b4 I wind up taking them off and putting them in my bag.}  Or number 3: my fingers swell up so much from the sun that it's uncomfortable to wear them so I take them off.  So what is it that some woman can wear them while being out by the pool/beach? Maybe I'm just a little OCD about this particular subject but I'd love to see your comments on why you do/don't wear them at the beach and maybe.... Just Maybe this will be the summer that I can display my "married" status and be fearless at the same time!