My in-laws... Actually my husbands grandmother 😏

Ok this maybe kinda stupid but I can't be the only one who deals with in-laws right!!! My hubbys grandmother always had be in our business! We currently live with his grandparents ( waiting to be approved for a new home) so I see sine of the issues, but it's like if we fight, or I'm quiet, or we go visit our family, She has to know why we fighting, why I'm quiet and how long we fina be gone seeing my family? I've told her our fights are between us and if its something him or I can't handle we will ask fir advice, and I'm over all a very quiet person and I like to keep to myself. She even has it in her head because my friends don't talk to her on Facebook, and they share Cheech and Chong posts that we all must be drug addicts. She makes a big deal if we're give fir more than 2 hours at my family's and says I'm keeping her grandson away from her, when it's clearly not the case. She even has other family members convinced we are on drug, jys because we choose to deal with our personal issues as a couple not a reality show like the rest of the family. This was the first year in 3 years I've spent any holiday with my family and she freaks!!! My question other than moving, what can I do to make a 60something year old understand it's two become one on both sides?