Monster in law

Ugh! Okay so I just need to vent
My MIL can get on my nerves, my boyfriends parents let us move in with them without paying for rent and at first they said we don't even have to worry about helping pay for everything bc they know we need to save. We've been saving for our daughters bday party that's coming up in 2 weeks and lately they've been so stingy. My boyfriend is the only one working and only gets paid $15 an hour, we only have $100 to last us until Monday and we were going to save that for anything we needed for our daughters bday but his parents are saying we need to pay the water bill, and the car renewal (which they said they'd take care of it since it's their car now - it used to be ours) we also have to pay for his phone bill next week and his grandmothers (which I don't mind paying for hers bc her own kids don't give her money 😑) we still have to buy at least $200 worth of things we need for her party but they just don't care. They offered to pay for the meat we're getting for the party and now his mom is telling us we have to pay for half. We're at least half her bday is coming up so after we can save but with the way his family is I feel like we won't be able to save. His little sister demands us to buy things for her, toys things like that, he won't do it but we get annoyed of it bc his parents get mad if we don't by it for her. His mom got mad at me bc my boyfriend will use their towels to shower so we bought 4 for ourselves and they stole ALL of them, I asked if she knew where they were and she said that every towel they have they've bought. I cook everyday and they eat more than half before we eat so there's barely any left and my boyfriend won't eat much so I can have lunch the next day, but his parents take it so I'm left eating cup noodles everyday since there's NO food! I'm frustrated and I can't say anything bc it's their house, he tries to talk to them but they completely ignore him and get mad. We want to try to save money to move out but it's tough when they're telling us to pay for anything, I'm surprised they haven't told us to pay for their rent bills yet😒 We're just trying to scrape up any money we can though to move out
You can comment if you'd like but I'm just venting