New boyfriend,but having problems when getting intimate. Help!!

Ok, so I recently started dating a guy. I like him alot!! Its only been a few.months, but I honestly feel like " hes the one". So cliche, I know. But I just feel it.

Anyways, our chemistry is out of control. I havnt made out with a guy like this since high school. We are 100% attracted to eachother, no question.

Here's the problem: he has a hard time staying hard while having sex. Or sometimes just getting hard in general. In the past month, weve had sex almost daily. Sometimes we are in the middle of it, and it just goes soft, I tell him lets take a minute, relax, watch a movie and we get back to it later. Everytime he is usually able to ejaculate.

The other night we were having a blast, did the usual thing, and took a break. We were at it for a 2nd time, and that time it also went flacid...just right in the middle. Goes from hard to soft in like 30 seconds. Whats going on?!

Hes in his late 20's, idk if that matters. But he says that this is how hes always been. He was extremly frustrated this particular night, i thought he was gonna cry. But I was frustrated too, I felt like it was me. But he assured me its not me...

Has anybody else experienced this before? Is this how it will always be? Wondering if were gonna need some viagra in the future or something??

ANY advice is appreciated!