Does he want to have sex or not?

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So after a pregnancy scare my boyfriend decided he doesn't want to have sex until we are married which okay I'll respect that. But in that time he would ask me if wanted to have sex which he knows very well I do then not do anything. Also we would still do other things but he was the only one being pleased not me. I told him if we really aren't going to anything not to ask me to have sex anymore don't even bring it up. And then he said in a few weeks when all this was over we would have sex. And I was asking him about all his feelings about everything and he went back to no sex. I told him to not ask me to have sex and don't expect to get anything from me unless I get something too. And he agreed. But honestly I don't think it will happen and I'd rather have sex. ( also I'm on birth control so dont tell me to get on the pill if I don't want a baby also that's not the point of this post.)