Glow is making me angry!

Jerika • TTC#2, #1 is a amazing boy named Jax, also 3 furbabies, Max and Sissy are our dogs, and drogo the cat , all due to the love of my life Jason ♡
I've been using glow for months with no luck. I had a friend who'd been trying for a year and used the Ovia app one month and BAM! Pregnant. So I decided to give it a try. According to Ovia, my fertile window was June 25-30 and my period is due the 16th. Glow is saying this week is fertile week and had af due 22. Tuesday was my peak day. I've had negative opks everyday this week and it just moves it up a day and now has my period starting the 25th!! I didn't have any opks when ovia said my fertile window was.. it had originally said the week of the 29th but I had negatives all that week and it moved it back. I'm on CD 22 how does glow figure this is the big week?!?