Feeling lonely

Carys • 12/03/2011 💑 01/12/2015 👧🏻
Since being pregnant I've been ever so excited but my SO makes me feel so alone he never has time for me, at the weekends he goes to work as he does during the week and he's been working till 9 every night and it's making me feel so alone and down he has a choice work or me and he chooses work and the thing that really frustrates me is that this money he is getting for working literally is spent within the week on nothing and we hardly ever go out and do things because when it comes to it he's either too tired to do anything with me or he just can't be bothered, I honestly have no idea what to say or do with myself I'm just so lonely and down tonight, I have to wait until he's home too to even have my tea and I get so hungry because of the baby but then if I do eat I feel bad for eating because I always wait for him, I don't know what to do and/or what to say to him, I've just told him to go back to his mums tonight and he hasn't replied as per as it takes him a few hours to even reply to my texts, I'm so emotional 😪 the only time we spend together is the time were eating at stupid o'clock and when we're going to sleep.

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