Finally set up our spare bedroom


We moved into our house days after we found out I was pregnant. We ended up miscarrying a little while later at 11 weeks. Since then, the “nursery” I already had dreamed up and planned out stayed empty. My husband put all of his military work gear and clothes in it, we threw anything that didn’t have a place somewhere else in here but it remained mostly empty.

Our due date would be on Tuesday, the 19th of this month. I sat and looked at this room that should be our nursery and was furious. I hated that it was still empty. Useless.

So... I spent the weekend cleaning it and I bought a few things to fill it! I’m so happy with it now. While it’s still mostly empty, now it has a purpose. I plan on keeping the three frames on the wall and the curtains up for our nursery... but for now, it’s a makeshift spare bedroom/gear room for my husband.

My 3 nieces are coming out in 2 weeks and they’ll be staying in here and I’m happy I could make it a bit homier (:

The three frames above the futon have a saying in them, petit á petit meaning “little by little”. Well take like one day at a time and little by little we’ll get closer to having a baby 💕