Chorionic Villus Sampling


Hello ladies

I had my cvs test done today at 11+4 weeks and would like to share my experience with you all.

I lied down and they did a normal scan to see the position of baby. Then my belly was cleaned with some liquid (may be antiseptic). Then I was given a local anesthesia which is far more less painful than I imagined. It was just like a pinch. Then I saw them taking out a very big needle to do the biopsy, however I didn’t feel anything when it went inside my belly. It was just when they were extracting I felt I bit weird sensation inside but no pain at all. The midwife was so supportive and held my hand throughout the procedure which lasted for about 5 mins. My husband was also by my side. I am so glad that it’s done now and I am out of my fear.

So Ladies if you are scared of the pain then don’t be as it is not painful at all.