How supportive is you other half?

Hi peeps.

So me and my other half decided to TTC we're on our 5 month of trying. He has already stated we should go the Drs in 6 months of nothing happens as we've not used protection for ages and nothing's happened. I didn't get chance to respond to this as we were out.

There have been times where if I tell him about ovulation, he's looked very uncomfortable and I've dropped it.

Yesterday he told me his brothers wife is pregnant. Which I was very happy for them. I felt it was the right time to bring up the baby making.

I explained to him that there are other things we can do before seeing the dr, like both being on our game and having fun on ovulation days being on the same page. Making sure we have sex on the two most fertile days.

He could not understand my point and stated that he wants to keep things simple if it happens it happens. We can cross that bridge when it comes to it if we need help. He can't understand why I was worrying about this and making it complicated and pressured.

I explained I agree I want no pressure, it's not something I'm worried about but simply there are things we can do before a dr.

I just feel a bit like I'm doing it on my own here. He does want children, and doesn't want to use contraception, he always tells me to keep it in after sex and he's actively trying. He just seems to shy away from any of the realities of it. Have I been silly to think he would want to know when I'm most fertile?

Anyone else experience this? Please be kind girls xxx