confused. help please.

okay so on march 12th, i had unprotected sex with my bf and didn’t think anything of it because i saw him pull out and watched everything come out. anyways, i got my period about 3 days late but when i did it was really dark brownish red and clotty. (this might have been a CP, but i’m not sure) i assumes nothing of it because it was like any other period. it was heavy & lasted my usual 5 days. after that period ended my doctor restarted my birth control for my acne. the next month, i got my period like normal, but the blood was still a darker color than normal and i had bloated a lot for this period (i never bloat so this was different). the bloating stayed and very slowly went away for the rest of the month. then about 2 weeks after my period i had breakthrough bleeding on and off for almost 3 days. i assumed it was just old blood passing through. this past month, may, i got my period like normal, exactly on time and everything. it lasted 4 days, was heavy, still dark red, but everything was normal. i was still really bloated which is different for me. but then again now, i’m 2 weeks after my period and i have breakthrough bleeding again right after the time of ovulation. i’m assuming it’s just a side effect of the pill, but i still have thoughts of maybe pregnancy because this all occurred after having sex in march. i know that you technically can’t be pregnant and get a period, but the fact that my bloating literally makes me look pregnant in the stomach and i’ve had these weird breakthrough bleedings, i’m kinda scared and wondering if maybe i am. if you have any clue as to if this is normal when restarting a birth control it’d be extremely helpful.

and i take my pill regularly and hardly ever miss, and i never stop taking it.