Advice please! Sorry it's so long!

My SO and I have been arguing a lot lately. We've been arguing since Tuesday afternoon. He's going through a divorce as am I. I had to move back in with my parents with my four year old daughter and he's in the process of putting his house up for sale. He owns his own company so he works about 14 hours a day. He goes to his house to shower and then he comes to my house. He stays with my every night. Mind you I've known him for five years and been with him one. Anyway we didn't speak at all on Tuesday after the fight started and he never showed up to sleep here. Neither one of us slept that night because we're so used to being next to each other. We barely said two words on Wednesday until later on in the day when he said he was coming for his things. I was fuming. He was just wanting to end things before talking it out like we were normally do. (We have a pretty open and honest relationship). I sat outside for about an hour and balled my eyes out like a little baby. Around 1030 that night he showed up like I knew he would and said he was giving it one last shot and that I needed to change. I agreed to it but told him change doesn't happen over night. Of course we had great make up sex and fell asleep. Now yesterday being Thursday we got into it again because I had to pick my sisters boyfriend up from work while my mother cooked dinner and because he lives here too. That didn't go over so well with the SO although he knows sometimes I have to pick him up. I apologized to him for making him mad and knowing how uncomfortable it is for him when I have to do that. He was a huge ass needless to say after that. But he came over last night. We were both sarcastic to each other and we went to bed in silence. We both have a lot of things on our minds so we were both tossing and turning. This morning again we get into yet another small argument. My dad loves my SO but because of how we got together he thinks our relationship is going to go up in flames. I always told him I was going to prove him wrong. Now after the week I've had I just don't know anymore. And I told that to my SO earlier on the phone. I'm sorry this is so long but I just need some advice some encouraging words. Breaking up is not an option at all. Were 13 years apart so we don't see eye to eye on some things. Help please! 😥