July 2015 we are trying for a clomid/metformin baby :)

Alicia • My husband and I married in Sept 2014 and have been trying to conceive since. We did get pregnant in Feb 2015 and miscarried at 7.3 weeks. We hope to be successful again.
So after almost being married for one year, my husband and I got married last year September 20th 2015. January 2015 we conceived our precious baby. I carried her until 10 weeks to find out we lost her at 7.3 weeks. No one can ever prepare you for that loss. Considering I was going to be a first time mommy, I jumped the gun right away in pregnancy and bought a changing table from a friend of mine, and bought a bunch of baby clothes from our good will, and just started little things in baby room. I was an excited momma to be, so the loss of our little Hope Elizabeth, sickened our hearts. We lost her March 30th. Have been trying since, I never ended up getting a period, so it was induced by provera, than finally got a withdrawal bleed that was about 6 weeks after miscarriage. Than went 40 plus days again without getting one on my own, but finally managed to get a period on my own. My clear blue ovulation monitor showed that that month we "ovulated like 5 times " I being in med field know it's not possible, and that there was something was going on, so I have been placed on metformin 1000mg , I have been taking that for almost 2 months and this next period cycle we are taking 50mg of clomid. I can't wait for a possible clomid baby. I hope we have multiples! ! I pray to the Lord daily that we have a successful journey. No one can ever prepare you for ttc journey. It's hard. But we will get through it.