Hi ladies! I'm so excited to be able to say that our sweet baby girl joined our family last night!
Everly Felicity Bridget was born at 11:42 pm July 9th weighing 8lbs 1oz just over 21 inches long.
I was due on the 8th and was having major anxiety this week, everything was triggering me so on Tuesday my midwife admitted me overnight to rest and get some good sleep, which I did and it was needed! They talked about inducing me but it was very busy so I was sent home 😩 I also made my last appt gif next week with my midwife in case baby hadn't come yet. Then yesterday is been having contractions since 2 am that were more just cramping and they lasted about 12 hours but never got stronger or closer than 8min average. Then my midwife calls because my appt for next week got canceled and she wanted to see why and rebook me. I hadn't canceled and told her I had just made the appt. I had just woken up from s three hour nap when we were talking and I told her that my anxiety was still really high and I just felt like baby needed to come out that day. She was really caring and great about my stress and told me to come in and she would break my water and get things going. So we came in and when broke my waters it was a huge gush and we discovered that it was full of meconium! I thank god for my high anxiety and for whoever canceled my appt!!! Without that I would have edited until my next appt and could have had s very sick baby if not worse! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» they had to start me on oxytocin because of the timing and 2 hours and 12 minutes later my sweet baby came into our world. The gender was a surprise though I was sure it was a girl! I'm so grateful and happy with my labor I had an epidural and I was so calm and relaxed and my Β other three children were able to be here along with my hubby and my mom. The sweetest part was my husband and I cut her cord together! Man are those things hard to cut!Β 
Good luck to all of you!! I will post a picture as soon as can get one cuz I didn't take any on my phone we had a photographer lol