I'm my mothers only child..

I have a dilemma. Been having it since around December and I need REAL HONEST NO BS opinions. I have no one except family to ask and they only say what I want to hear. 
So me and my husband recently got out of the military. We've been married almost 3 years and spent our whole time in California where we were based. We had a baby last sept. and my mom missed the birth by a few days needless to say she was heartbroken because in her only child and this is her first grandchild. Well she made it a few days later and stayed with us about two weeks and everything was perfect. This was only the 3rd time she met my husband. They got along. Fast forward from that we got out in December moves back to TN because my mom basically guilted back to living here it's a small town and nothing is here . It took us a while to find jobs. We eventually want to move to AZ TO A BIGGER TOWN  with better opportunities but every time we mention it my mom starts crying and puts on me how she'll be so alone here again and blah blah. But my husbands family is in AZ and it's also not fair to them to not get to see our son. I'm torn! Any advice? I know I need to do what's best for my family but I feel so bad for my mom to have to be here and live alone again.