Should I be upset?

Courtnie • 28. Happily married. I'm a mom of Angel baby boy👼, a rainbow baby girl🌈, and my surprise pot of gold baby boy 🍀

I feel betrayed. Now here's why.

I had my son March 10th 2015 and he passed away a couple days later. When we left the hospital they gave my husband and I have a box with I'm guessing little mementos to remember him by. I haven't opened the box yet just because it would bring up more emotions that I already feel everyday anyways, im just not ready.

So today I get a call from the hospital asking if we still want pictures of the baby. They took them after he passed away. I was so caught off guard she asked if we were still together ( embarrasing) since I had no idea. I found out that my husband opened the box without me to look through the things, found out there wasn't pictures in there and call the hospital to get some. He didn't tell me anything and the only reason I found out is because the hospital called me today to confirm the address. My feelings are hurt because that's something I feel like we should have done together to remember our baby. And he was so impatient and inconsiderate that he did it by himself.

I feel like I have a valid reason to be upset, but idk. Am I wrong? I mean that's a moment we will never have now and that hurts. Any thoughts?